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The snow ChuJi. Sunshine lang lang.

Met eight years ago because blog, from now on is greedy, happy to write, to read a book, willing to make new friends, happy to blogs that I have made great progress. New world, a new starting point, the original life can also such, this just accord with my original intention.
Everyone may have experienced ups and downs, a sad feeling pleased, have idleness and unruly, a decadent absurdity; The road will eventually on their own. Roadside scenery may be many, perhaps less; Maybe hot desert, maybe in the; Along the way or fast or slow, or stagnation or sprint, it is will reach the same destination.
Just, I'm willing to let oneself more beautiful beautiful scenery on the way, so that when I road, don't need to lament, but through the mountain again monohydrate, passing through forests and grasslands. I can look at bright sky, I can bend the boundless field; When on the helpless bridge, I'll drink bad smile. Perhaps say: a next life, goodbye.
The snow ChuJi. Sunshine lang lang.
Time to deliberate, don't want this beautiful moment slip for the moment, so put down the other day in the dark, put down the body unwell, enjoy it with the attitude of a kind of enjoy an afternoon. Memories slowly floating up and down, as the noon sun asperses full whole room slowly west inclined to leave again, same, all roads lead to Rome.
There is nothing can take away, only time.